The Tattoo Laser Removal

Laser tattoo removal is the safest, most effective noninvasive method for getting rid of unwanted ink. When a tattoo is applied, a needle deposits large ink particles into the deepest laser of skin, the dermis. Immediately upon insertion, your body recognizes the ink particles as foreign material and sends phagocytes to remove them. Phagocytes are bacteria eating cells that ingest harmful particles and aid the initiation of an immune response.

Due to the large size and deep placement of the ink particles, the phagocytes are unable to remove them completely. Instead, the cells continuously eat away at the ink particles, breaking them down gradually over time. This explains why tattoos fade and lose color after many years.

Laser tattoo removal helps speed up the natural fading process through the absorption of light energy. During a treatment, our Duality laser emits ultra-quick pulses of light energy onto the unwanted ink. The ink absorbs the energy, heats up, and shatters into tiny fragmented pieces. These pieces are small enough for the phagocytes to flush out naturally. After multiple treatment sessions, you will see your tattoo fade more and more until no ink is visible.

Omni Laser offers the number one solution for tattoo regret throughout Bermuda. Our Astanza Duality laser is designed to shatter more ink in each session, lessening the number of overall treatments needed to completely remove your tattoo.


Omni Laser believes nothing should get in the way of obtaining great results, especially price. Our clinic offers the most affordable and competitive prices throughout Bermuda.

We use a size based pricing category to help determine the cost per treatment.  One of our laser experts will assess your tattoo, categorize it by size, figure out a pricing quote, and answer any questions you may have about the procedure.

The number of treatments needed is based on a variety of factors including the size, age, colors, and location of your tattoo. Our Astanza Duality shatters more ink in each session, meaning fewer overall treatments and lower costs for you!


We also offer a variety of treatments packages and specials to help meet the needs of every patient’s budget.

The Astanza Duality

Omni Laser prides itself in using the latest laser technology. We devote a lot of time to researching and investing in only the greatest technology to ensure our patients receive the utmost best care. We invested in the Astanza Duality laser because of its power, reliability, versatility, and outstanding results.

The Duality comes backed by Astanza, the world’s leading manufacturer in laser tattoo removal technology. This state-of-the-art laser is trusted by leading physicians and tattoo removal providers worldwide and is exclusively used at Omni Laser here in Bermuda.

The Duality is a powerful Q-switched Nd:YAG laser, meaning it uses ultra-short pulse durations matched with high pulse energy, resulting in strong peak power for optimal ink shattering and faster fading. The Duality produces two of the most trusted wavelengths for tattoo removal, 1064 nm and 532 nm. Combined, these wavelengths are able to treat a wide variety of tattoo ink colors safely on all skin types.

Furthermore, the Duality features a unique square-spot beam that eliminates overlap of laser pulses on the skin. Overlapping treatments can cause an unevenness in energy application which can lead to unwanted side effects for sensitive skin types. Our Duality’s square beam minimizes risks of overlap and pigmentation changes for patients with dark skin tones.

This outstanding technology matched with the care and expertise of our staff is sure to wipe away any tattoo regret. Get treated with Bermuda’s #1 laser tattoo removal technology today and start regaining confidence in your skin!

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Proper aftercare must be followed in order to achieve the best results for your skin. Our clinic has invested in the best laser tattoo removal technology to ensure your skin receives the best treatments. However, it is the patient’s duty to care for their skin outside of our office. Proper aftercare prevents infection and unwanted side effects. Below are some general guidelines on how to take care of your skin following each treatment. Patients will also receive a take home aftercare instruction sheet.

Keep the treated area clean and dry during the healing treatment. Gently clean the area with soap and water, then pat to dry. Cover the treatment site with a bandage and antibiotic ointment the first three days following your treatment. Change the bandage at least three times each day during that time period.

Avoid any soaking activities. This includes baths, pools, hot tubs, swimming activities, etc. Showers may be taken as long as high pressure water is not directly hitting the treatment area.

Temporary itchiness, redness, and swelling is commonly experienced. Patients may use a cold compress or soothing ointment such as Aquaphor to alleviate any discomfort.

Some patients may for blisters or scabs. Avoid meddling with either of these during the healing process. These are common side effects and are signs that your body is working to remove the ink from your skin. Picking or popping any scabs or blisters can lead to serious infection and unwanted side effects like scarring. Apply an antibiotic ointment at least 24 hours after the scab or blister naturally falls off or pops on their own.

Patients may take Tylenol for inflammation, but should avoid taking aspirin as it can lead to bruising and/or bleeding.

Avoid excessive sun exposure and tanning activities. Apply a sunblock of SPF 25 or higher for 3 months after the treatment site has fully healed. This will help avoid any skin discoloration.

Daily exercise is encouraged to boost the immune system and increase blood flow to the treatment site. Massaging around the treatment site will also help increase blood flow.

If you experience any serious symptoms, please contact our office immediately.