Our consultation charge is $165 but you may receive $100 credit if you choose to have treatment within 30 days of consultation.

Tattoo Laser Removal

ALL must be photographed with a ruler PRIOR to costing during the initial consultation by the clinician.

We would prefer if possible that you send us by email a photograph of your tattoo prior to your consultation appointment;  An photograph taken and send from your phone would suffice.

1x1 inch square (1 inch sq. postage stamp)


2x2 inch square (4 inch sq. business card )


4x4 inch square (16 inch sq. palm-size)


6x6 inch square (36 inch sq. 2x palms)


However each tattoo may be unique, so prices will be confirmed at your consultation.

We offer an anesthetic cream to maximize comfort during the treatment at a cost of $50 a tube. Average treatments required 4-12 treatments depending on color, deepness and amount of ink and location on the body.

A discount of 15% is also offered if a package of 4 treatments are paid in advance.

Facial Treatments

Combonation Facial - Microderm and Laser Genesis (45 mins)

Single:  $395

Package of 4:  $1350


Single:  $195

Package of 4:  $660

Laser Genesis (30 mins)

Single:  $330

Package of 4:  $1120

VI Peel

Single:  $415

Package of 4:  $1450

IPL (30 mins)

Single:  $395

Package of 4:  $1350

AquaGold Micro-Needling (Hyaluronic Gel + PRP)


Single:  $960

+ Botox

+ Filler

by add on price * consult clinic

Laser Vein Treatment

15 mins

Single:  $300

30 mins

Single: $455

Laser Hair Removal

All prices listed below are a guideline only; Prices can vary, an accurate price will be given at time of consultation. Please note a shaving fee for back or chest is $35.


Bikini line:

Bikini Brazilian:


Chin/upper lip:

Half face/upper neck:

Upper neck only:

Full face/upper neck:

Lower legs:

Full legs:

Full face/neck (men):

Upper neck (men):

Upper check or upper back:

Full chest or full back:















Package of 6














A consultation is required for all clients unless you have previously had laser hair removal performed by Dr Lau or one of our nurses. During this 30 minute consultation we will evaluate your pain tolerance through laser test spots and determine which type of laser would be more suitable for you. We mainly use the 1064 YAG Laser Cutera Coolglide laser and recommend a package of six treatments for effective hair removal (package price above is for 6 LHR treatments which is more economical than individual treatments). The hair doesn’t just disappear in one go, so be prepared for 5 to 10 sessions depending on your age, sex, skin type, and even hair type. These treatments should be scheduled 4-6 weeks apart.  One month before the treatment, waxing, bleaching and using tweezers has to be discontinued. Two days before the session, the area should be shaved so that energy isn’t absorbed by the hair and lost.



Per Unit Price:  $26

Additional Units within 30 DAYS:  $21

Juvederm 2 (fine lines) 0.55 cc:       $665

Juvederm 3 (medium) 0.80 cc:        $1090

Juvederm 4 (high density) 1.0 cc:   $1,290

Smoking Cessation (45 mins)

Single:  $265

Toe Fungal Treatment

** may be covered by some insurance policies

Single:  $165

Package of 4:  $560